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Let’s talk about the basic steps of car recycling. Have you ever heard of auto recycling? Do you have an old car sitting in your driveway or maybe out by the curb? Are you holding onto it just in case you get around to fixing it sometime? The fact is your old car may be worth more if you sell it. That’s because some cars can actually be more valuable when they’re sold piece-by-piece than when they’re still in-tact. So how do you go about recycling your junk car? Let’s take a look.

Recycling OptionsCar Recycling

There are several ways to recycle an old, wrecked or non-running vehicle. These are just a few types of auto recycling:

  • Junkyard – have you ever seen a junkyard full of cars that look like they are just skeletons of their former selves? Those cars have actually made those junkyards a decent amount of money. If you want to get rid of your old car you can take it to one of these yards and sell it. The junkyard can then turn around and sell the parts separately. Just search online under terms like “cash for junk cars”, “how to recycle my car” or “car recycling”.
  • Scrap metal yard – another possibility is similar to the junkyard option. You can to take your vehicle to a scrap yard that can recycle and sell or reuse it for the metal.
  • Donate it – donating your car to charity is another option. You won’t receive any money with this option but you can get a tax right off and help a good cause.
  • Junk removal service – Another way to recycle your vehicle is to contact a salvage yard to come and pick it up free of charge. You don’t have to worry about transporting it because they’ll do all the work. They can then part it out and make a profit.

Car Recycling

When you look for ways to recycle your car, you need to look no further than a local scrap yard or salvage company.  If you are looking for a way to get rid of that eyesore on your curb you should look into auto recycling. It’s good for the environment and a way for you to do your part when recycling your car.


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